SENSA Silicone Liquigel

SENSA® Silicone Liquigel is our premium silicone based personal lubricant. Scientifically formulated for safety, purity, and long lasting lubrication, SENSA  Silicone Liquigel is perfect for those that want the silky smooth sensation of a silicone personal lubricant.  With an increased thickness so that it stays where you apply it, SENSA  Silicone Liquigel is the premium choice in silicone lube.

SENSA®  Silicone Liquigel is available in 2, 4, 8 fl. oz. sizes.  Both 4 and 8 fl. oz. size are available in a press-top cap or a convenient metered pump that is lockable to prevent leaks. SENSA  Silicone Liquigel is latex safe, long lasting, and perfect for moments of intense pleasure.

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