SENSA® Personal Lubricants

Available in water based and silicone liquigel formulations. Pump-top or press-top dispensers

SENSA Personal Lubricants

SENSA® personal lubricants are formulated in water based and silicone based formulations for the ultimate in High Performance Personal Lubrication

SENSA Silicone Liquigel

SENSA® Silicone Liquigel is a premium silicone based lubricant that is never sticky and provides for a silky smooth sensation

SENSA Liquigel

SENSA® Liquigel is a premium water based lubricant that is non-sticky, non-staining and provides the ultimate in lubrication.

SENSA Personal Lubricants

SENSA® personal lubricants are specially formulated for long lasting pleasure whether alone or with that special someone.

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Since 1994 SENSA® Personal Lubricants has been helping couples and individuals across the globe achieve intimate sensations they never knew were achievable.
With a product line that includes our water based SENSA® Liquigel and our silicone based SENSA® Bodyglide, SENSA® Personal Lubricants has a lube that will fit your needs. Experience more, experience the sensation of SENSA® Personal Lubricants. Available online and at select retailers.

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